After completing the assigned readings, choose one of the topics


After completing the assigned readings, choose one of the topics listed below for your cause/effect paragraph.

  • Why texting is so popular
  • Benefits of belonging to a team (or a specific group, such as a church, or a reading club, etc.—you choose)
  • How a particular event made you grow up
  • Why few people read newspapers


Make an informal cluster of either all of the causes or all of the effects you can think of related to your topic.  A cluster template is provided. Look over your list and consider which ideas are the most relevant and effective for your main idea and audience.

Write a fully developed paragraph in which you explore your topic using only the most effective causes or effects from your prewriting cluster.

Your final paragraph should be in MLA format (see page 344), have a clear topic sentence, include developed ideas to support the topic sentence, and a final wrap-up, or summary statement, as well as transitions throughout (T.E.S.T.).  In total, it should be 8-11 sentences long.

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