Requirements and Guidelines Review the Course Outcomes for this assignment,


Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Review the Course Outcomes for this assignment, which are listed above.
  2. You will review the client Sarah interactive case at (Links to an external site.) 
  3. You will choose theoretical perspectives to assess the client’s situation.
  4. You will include in this assignment theories that apply to the  client’s development stages and factors that may hinder the client’s  development to include psychosocial, sociological, and community  organization.
  5. You must address Sara’s strengths and weaknesses and how might the social worker proceed with interventions.
  6. This assignment should be a minimum of 3  pages (not including title or reference pages), in APA format, and using  your readings and peer-review resources to support your point(s).  You  should use a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles and/or scholarly  resources to support your position(s).

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