1. Sam is a over the road truck driver who

1.  Sam is a over the road truck driver who is working to enhance his wellness. He states that he needs some help with positive things he can do while driving. He also mentions that he is having substance use issues as he uses stimulants a good bit to stay awake. Currently his mood is unpredictable and often gets angry quickly, He also eats more when he is home and wants to be a better example for his wife and three children. Please help him. 

2. Tina is a nurse at Tulane hospital and has a very hectic job in the ER. She often works double shifts and feels really tired when she arrives home. Her exercise and healthy eating have progressively fallen off since she started her job 5 months ago. Currently she feels satisfaction with her job but not with her social life. Sleeping has also been sporadic for her. She doesn’t wake up feeling better or recovered.   

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