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CHAPTER 7 Positive, Neutral, Goodwill (Direct Plan)

  1. 6 months ago, you entered into a 1-year contract with Planet Fitness. In the past 2 months, much of the equipment has not been working properly and the A/C is faulty making the gym hot. You have spoken to the facility manager about receiving a refund for the unused portion of the contract, but he cannot do anything to help. Write an email to the corporate office requesting a refund for the remaining 6 months.
  2. As customer service manager for Lean Cuisine Frozen Foods, respond to a letter you received from Joe Cool, a student at Cal Poly Pomona. Joe wrote expressing his disappointing experience with a Vegetarian Lasagna he purchased from the local grocery store’s frozen food section. Although Joe did not ask for a refund, his letter was to inform your company about the poor quality of the frozen dinner. Write a letter to Joe to help restore his confidence in Lean Cuisine. Encourage him to try another of the many vegetarian options.

CHAPTER 8 Negative (Indirect Plan)

  1. 10 months ago, Sara Smile purchased a computerized embroidery machine online from your company, Sew Sweet Machines. The machine was sold with a 6-month limited warranty. Sara asked for a new machine replacement because the sewing needle is bent and the thread gets tangled. She raised no concerns during the warranty period. Write a letter to Sara denying her request for a replacement, but offer a discounted repair to the machine for $35 at one of your authorized dealers.
  2. You are the owner of Clean Rite Carpet Cleaners, a company that cleans carpets using a special chemical process. You do not guarantee success, but you have a good reputation for getting out stains. Sam Jones is placing his house for sale and in preparing for an open house asked your company to remove a red stain that came from the painted wooden chair leg. When you left after cleaning the carpet, the stain appeared to be gone. However, you received word that the stain reappeared and Mr. Jones is requesting one-half the cost of a brand new carpet. Mr. Jones’s open house is only a week from now, and the stain could discourage buyers. Write an email refusing the request.

Chapter 9 Persuasive (Indirect Plan for Persuasive Messages)

  1. You recently moved to Scottsdale, AZ for a job. Until you moved to Scottsdale, you had no idea how brutal the sun could be. One of your colleagues suggested you get your car windows tinted to reduce UV rays, reflect the sun, and cut the glare. 4 months ago, you had TintU tint your car windows. You were given a 60-day guarantee on the work, but already the tinted film on the windows has turned purple and bubbled. Write Mary Berry, the manager, asking for repair or refund because the job is not quality.