Management in Practice Assignment 1: Individual Report – Diagnosing the causes


Management in Practice

Assignment 1: Individual Report – Diagnosing the causes of the organisational challenge.

Weight: 20%

Length: Maximum of 3000 words

Feedback mode: 

Formative feedback is provided throughout the semester in your in-class workshops/tutorials. Your workshop leader will work with you providing you with real-time feedback based on the work that you share with her/him. If you come prepared to your workshops then your workshop leader will have more opportunity to provide you with formative feedback.

Summative feedback will be provided in the marking rubric. We will provide comments in each cell of the marking rubric and in the general comments section at the end. We aim to provide feedback that is:

  • Specific – that is, the feedback will relate to the work that you have completed
  • Informative – that is, the feedback will help you to understand the level of achievement that you attained
  • Directive – that is, the feedback will give you strategies, ideas and a direction for further improvement

Assessment Declaration:

I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the Assessment declaration. (Links to an external site.)

Learning Objectives Assessed:

This assignment assesses Learning Objectives 1 and 5


Purpose of the assignment: 

This assignment is designed to get you to identify and analyse the contextual elements that define the challenge faced by the partner organisation. You are to present your analysis in a business report format. This involves undertaking and external and internal analysis of the organisation and making predictions about its potential role for the case study organisation.

Requirements for the assignment: 

  • Examine the data provided by the partner organisation and undertake your own research to find more relevant data.
    • Do you have the data you need? What other data would be helpful?
  • Analyse the data you have collected using appropriate management tools and theories.
    • External organisational analysis – this includes describing both the Singapore and global energy sectors
    • Internal organisational analysis – include a discussion of the governance structure & purpose of the PO
  • Explain how the nature of the challenge is a result of the combination of external and internal factors that you have discovered through your research and subsequently re-define the management challenge as a problem that can be solved through the combination of management theory and practice. 
  • Write a business report describing the nature of the challenge through the particular management lens that you are viewing the problem.
  • Save the document with the following naming convention (Assignment number, student number) e.g. Assignment 1 s123456 

Other useful information:

Further discussion about the 1st assignment: 

  • Your job is to offer meaningful insights about the PO operating environment by making balanced use of a variety of analytical frameworks to interpret the data / information you have collected. 
  • By analyzing internal / external environments, you are redefining the management challenge(s) as a business problem(s) that can be solved.
  • Remember that you are functioning as a management consultant.  Part of the intellectual work you need to do is provide a unique perspective or prism through which you interpret the PO and its role in the energy sector.  Each student will have a slightly different interpretation – and that is okay.  You will be marked on how well you support your point of view with robust use of theoretical frameworks.
  • You should not offer solutions/practices to how the PO should engage with the Case Study organisation at this point.  You will do so with the 2nd & 3rd assignments. 

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