COURSE CODE:​​GEEN 1093COURSE TITLE:​​Global Engineering: Theory andPracticeInstructions to Students1. Wordcount:


COURSE TITLE:​​Global Engineering: Theory andPractice

Instructions to Students

1. Wordcount: at least 2,000 words – references are excludedfrom the wordcount;

2. Please submit ONLY word documents. PDFs or any kind ofphoto documents will not be marked;

3. Please do not plagiarize: any similarity index above 20% will be referred to the Ethics Committee;

4. Essay form/Prose is highly recommended as opposed to anymetrical structure of text;

5. Please title your answers, for example: Answer to Question 1 or Answer to Question 2;

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Based on the case study: ‘Airbus 350 vs. Boeing 787: Battle for the Skies’

Please, answer all questions.

Question 1 (Total marks 50)

Q1.1​What is a duopoly market? (10 marks)

Q1.2​How is competition dynamics structured in a duopoly market? (20 marks)

Q1.3​What are the pitfalls of a duopoly market? (20 Marks)

Question 2 (Total marks 50)

“Airbus and Boeing had been strong contenders in the aircraft industry for many years” [Section: ‘History

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