Assignment 8 details:Please see the following excerpt of a semi-structured

Assignment 8 details:

Please see the following excerpt of a semi-structured interview transcript regarding pregnant women’s experiences with resources, such as social support, and stressors: PC_Respondent_28.docPreview the document

The following interview guide was used for the entire interview.  The excerpt encompasses the first four questions in the interview guide: Interview guide.pdfPreview the document

The goal of this qualitative study was to explore the salient resources that are believed to foster positive health outcomes by pregnant women from various socioeconomic levels. The study took place at a prenatal clinic in a rural Wisconsin town and largely comprised low socioeconomic status participants.

Using the “new comment” function under the “Review” tab on Microsoft Word, please conduct content analyses on the transcript to identify a priori and emerging themes regarding resources and stressors that the pregnant respondent has undergone thus far in her life and how these relate to her health. If you would like to manually mark up the transcript instead, please feel free to do so–just scan and submit your document. 

Once you have completed your analyses, please summarize your responses to the following four questions in a 1 page double spaced typed paper using 12-pt. Arial or Times Roman font

1) Please discuss the a priori codes that you employed during the open coding stage of your analysis.

2) Please discuss the exploratory codes that emerged during the open coding stage of your analysis.

3) Please discuss the emerging patterns and links you found during the axial and/or selective coding stages of your analysis. 

4) Please discuss the implications of your findings for Public Health research, policy or practice. 

***Please be sure to submit TWO documents for this assignment — the marked up document illustrating your analysis of the interview and your paper containing the responses to the above questions.

***Please refer to the PowerPoint lecture provided in Week 6, the supplemental readings provided in Weeks 6 and 7, and any additional resources you find when completing this assignment.

***Please note that there is NO right answer here–I am basically looking for thoughtful explanations for your selected codes.  The goal of the assignment is to practice qualitative data analysis and interpretation–this is a challenging task, but you will get better with practice 🙂 

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