You are required to create a portfolio of 4 stocks


You are required to create a portfolio of 4 stocks with an initial investment of $1,000,000 and track the weekly progress during the term. The spreadsheet should be updated with the Friday closing prices. The spreadsheet and the directions for completing will be posted in class.

You will be required to write a six-page report, during week 9, detailing the reasons for choosing the stock, key financial ratios on each of the companies that you invested in, reasons or factors that drove the volatility (the weekly changes in the price of the stocks and recommendations must be theoretically justified based either (a) Buy, (b) Sell, (c) Hold. In essence, your paper must the following subheadings – (a) Introduction, (b) Analysis, (c) Recommendations, and (d) Conclusion. Your paper will be strictly graded on these instructions.

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