Introduction Diversity is the practice including and involving individuals from

  Introduction Diversity is the practice including and involving individuals from different ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation (Godfrey et al., 2020). In Iraq, there is a mixture of cultures due to different individuals from different cultural backgrounds, languages and religion. The population comprise of Arabs, Kurdish, Christians and Yessed practicing different cultural beliefs and living together (Matthews et al., 2020). This study will help individuals to support each other’s beliefs and ideas for peaceful contribution to the country in spite of their differences. The guiding research question is “what are the long-term impacts of cultural diversity?” the research question will help us provide a response by the end of the study. I believe diversity has aided the people of Iraq to experience co-existence and multiculturalism. 

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As diversity goes beyond just ethnic groups, it includes facets of sexuality and gender and social groups. The Iraq population comprises of the primarily four major groups inclusive of Arabs as the majority, Kurds, Turkmen, Chado Assyrians and the minority ethnic groups such as Shabak and Yezidis. These particular groups bring a mixture of cultures and languages in the country. Also, the country has a number of religions practiced in the country which include the Islam religion which is practiced by majority of citizens, Christianity, Yezidism, Zoroastrianism, Mandaeism Judaism and Hinduism (Matthews et al., 2020). All these religions are accepted through the right to religion. The Islamic religion uses sacred text known as the Quran which has divine messages and celebrates observances like the Ramadhan which is the fasting season. The Christians on the other hand use the bible as the sacred book and celebrate festive like Easter which is the Lenten season (Alfahham, 2020). Also, other minority religions have their own holidays and religious cultures indicated in sacred books. 

Studies show that Iraq has introduced an institute for study of religious diversity aimed at changing the country’s discourse towards religious minorities. The institute in the middle east was established by Masarat which is a Bagdad non-profitable organization focusing of the minorities. The curricula is a sequence of textbooks inclusive of non-Muslim faith to help Muslim students have diversity of other religions. The institutes main agenda is to bring better understanding of different faiths and influence the Muslim clergymen to abandon religious prejudices concerning religious diversity to help end radicalism and hatred speeches in Iraq (Matthews et al., 2020).

After overthrow of Saddam Hussein rule, more than fifteen thousand pieces of artifacts were stolen from the national museum. With the retrieval of many of the artifacts, they were stored in different museums in the country. Example of these museums include the national museum of Iraq, Baghdad Museum, museum of natural history, Kurdish textile museum, and Mosul Museum (Hussein & Khalid, 2018). These museums preserve different cultural artifacts from different races. The Assyrian empire culture is well represented through statues, Kurdish weaving and a multilingual library to help people understand various cultures. The museums in Iraq play a major role in cultural diversity as they help display artistic objects to preserve, interpret and provide cultural education to individuals.

Some of the artists in Iraq compose music that show historic roots and ancient traditions. There are different songs from different cultures reflecting on traditions and the culture of the nation. Music is performed in different languages and it is recognized as an important part of the country’s culture. Art and literature have thrived in the country for a long period. The nation even produced the greatest Arab poets, architectural designers and painters. The Gallery Ancient Near East exhibits more than a thousand pieces of art work including drawings from different cultures from the ancient Iraq. These works of art and literature show diversity of cultures. This research adds to current literature of the multicultural Iraq. (Hussein & Khalid, 2018).


The research topic entails the long-term impacts of cultural diversity. I believe diversity inspires creativity and innovations in organizations in the nation. Different cultures influence individuals differently in the way they see the world. A variety of opinions together with wide range personal and professional understanding may offer new perspectives and motivate other people in workplaces. Study has shown that diversity has helped breed creativity and bring exciting ways of problem solving (Hlepas, 2013). A recent study from Forbes, a successful organization highlighted that, the best way for development of new ideas is through diverse and inclusive taskforce. Above all diversity attracts talent in organizations enabling them to offer broad services helping the nation in business. Through multiculturalism, members of the society become open-minded to other cultural groups dispelling stereotypes which help them promote peace. Cultural diversity helps citizens of avoid conflicts and make a nation a better and interesting place to live in. different cultures have different beliefs and diversity helps individuals understand other people’s culture ensuring people share alternate ways to do things. When peace is spread, then the members of the society can enlighten each other on insights in religion, food, literature and history. Through cultural diversity, there is promotion of peace and understanding in different cultures among diverse individuals (Matthews et al., 2020). Visit writing assignment help for more information. Finally, in a setting where there is peace and understanding, an individual has the chance for personal growth. Diversity is a way of exploring inner interests aiding and individual live outside the comfort zone. Through understanding of different cultures, one gains knowledge and develops sense of personal growth. Embracing different cultures brings opportunities to explore new languages and traditions gaining valuable insights which may help one determine opportunities for individual growth. in general, cultural diversity inspires creativity, productivity and enables us gain knowledge and insights of other cultures to better cooperation among different kinds of people (Godfrey et al., 2020). Conclusion Many countries have a population inclusive of different race of individuals from different corners of the world. Iraq as one of these countries has a diverse population practicing different religions, speaking in different languages and practicing different cultures. The study of cultural diversity may help an individual gain insight and understanding about different cultures to ensure dispel of stereotypes for peaceful relations with others. The question that remains is, would a country be peaceful, innovative and productive practicing monoculturalism despite comprising a mixed population? Some challenges associated with cultural diversity include idea implementation problems. With different experiences, different individuals may propose different ideas bringing forward too many opinions which can compromise the ability to stick to the best options. Also, some individuals may feel that their ideas are not taken into consideration. There may arise misunderstandings professionally in workplaces for example conflict on working days or hours. Other challenges include challenges like language barriers, social tension, dysfunctional adaptation of behaviors and civic disconnection (Hussein, & Khalid, 2018).
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