Beginning today, students will track intimate partner violence (IPV) in

Beginning today, students will track intimate partner violence (IPV) in the news (online, television, and/or newspapers). Pay special attention to the story behind the headlines, looking for clues such as the word “estranged” or “former” or “ex” to determine the root of violent events. Students will discuss what they found.

Specifically, you will synopsize at least two of the IPV-related stories you discovered. What stood out in these stories in your opinion? Would you have noticed these events as being related to intimate partner violence prior to doing this assignment? Why or why not? Did this change your perception about the size of this problem? What did the article say about law enforcement response?

Formatting Instructions

  • Student responses should be, at a minimum of 2 – 2.5 pages (double-spaced and no larger than 12 font) in length.
  • This assignment requires a separate cover page. The cover page should contain the student’s name; course number and title; and assignment number.
  • Papers should have 1” inch margins with only the student’s name on the top of each page following the cover page.
  • Assignments must be submitted as a Word or PDF document.

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