Power Civics Part 5-7 33 unread replies.33 replies. Please answer

Power Civics Part 5-7

33 unread replies.33 replies.

Please answer the questions in bold, 1-3, for this assignment.  This is the final portion of the Power Civics project.  

STEP 5: MAKE SURE IT IS COST-EFFECTIVE A PRACTICAL SOLUTION IS BUDGET NEUTRAL – OR BETTER ☐ From evidence you gathered in your research, determine whether there will be costs involved in implementing your solution such as administrative costs, staff time, etc., or whether it will be cost-neutral (or better yet – cost saving).

  1. For this discussion board, tell me what costs will be associated with your solution.

☐ If there are costs involved, look at your city, county, or school district’s budget to determine whether your solution would be covered by a particular line item, and if not, whether there are any other areas from which savings could be sufficient to offset the costs of your solution. ☐ If the solution is not covered by the city/county/school district’s budget and you cannot find any offsetting budget cuts, come up with alternative funding sources. Look for grants, consider crowd funding, etc. This is especially important if there are start-up costs that will disappear or be offset by savings in future budgets.

STEP 6: DO THE DOABLE THE ART OF PHASING AND PILOTING ☐ It’s often better to start smaller and gain traction in order to build support and find funds for the overall solution. Similar to the “drilling down” you did to identify your issue/problem, you should drill down to determine the basic components/requirements of your solution. ☐ “Phasing” is a good tactic (implementing the solution in steps or phases), especially when full funding is not available. ☐ “Pilot” projects (e.g., similar to a trial run) are also useful when there is skepticism about your solution or when you need to show that start-up costs will be offset by savings in future budgets.

  1. For this discussion board, tell me what Phasing or Piloting will be associated with your solution.

STEP 7: GET SUPPORT FROM EXPERTS SUCCESSFUL PRACTITIONERS CAN PROVIDE LEGAL AND STRATEGIC ADVICE ☐ Draft a brief (1 to 2 page) report that includes information about: (1) the response to your PRA request; (2) your proposed solution, evidence of its success, and how you think it can fit in your community; and (3) your cost analysis. After completing the report, seek further advice from experts or professionals in local/county/school district government, or professors and experts at law schools and universities, or experts at specialized associations or organizations who could review the report and provide additional helpful information to assist with your analysis and the development of your proposal, including the preferred legal action for adoption. Options include ordinances, resolutions, executive orders, and administrative policies or procedures. ☐ Incorporate changes suggested by the expert(s) or conduct any suggested additional research.

  1. For this discussion board, tell me which experts, specifically, you could reach out to for help with your solution and what specific actions could be taken such as those listed above.

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