Type 250 words While the MBA 5253 Technical Memorandum (see

Type 250 words

While the MBA 5253 Technical Memorandum (see the Tech

Memo Guidelines in Canvas) is not due until the end of the course (Thursday, December 1st), we use Forum #4 as an opportunity for each enrolled student to give the class an overview of his/her ongoing data analysis research plan. In Forum #4, each student will present and post a 250-350 word synopsis on his/her Technical Memorandum assignment, which should include 1) a brief summary of the business problem/opportunity being addressed, 2) a brief description of the data set, 3) a list and brief descriptions of the statistical tools, techniques and tests being employed in the analysis, and 4) what you are finding to be most challenging and/or rewarding aspects of the Technical Memo assignment. Your intended research plan is not binding and may be altered later.

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