Identify parts of the E-Cig that constitute voltage, current, and


  • Identify parts of the E-Cig that constitute voltage, current, and  resistance. Discuss the role each plays in the E-Cig and typical values  for each including units.

E-Cigs (or vapes) consist of a battery, typically lithium-ion, that  connects to a single or dual heating coil into the reservoir of vape  liquid. I’m going to use the specs for a vape that I’m currently using,  called the Elf Bar BC5000. It consists of a 650mAh (nominal voltage is  3.7 V) rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a dual coil, and a cotton  reservoir filled with 13ml of juice (nicotine salts). As a user hits or  pulls air from the mouthpiece, the airflow activates a sensor switch to  the battery and sends current through the circuit to the atomizer which  houses a coil(s). The coils offer resistance. The only resistance  information I could find for Elf Bar mesh coils is around 1.2 ????. The  lower the resistance, the more heat and vapor are produced, and the  stronger the hit. The higher the resistance, the less vapor and heat are  produced and smoother the hit. The coil(s) heats the “wick” which is  typically cotton inside of a reservoir filled with juice creating vapor  which expels through the mouthpiece. Using Ohm’s Law and assuming the  resistance is 1.2 ????, we can determine the current for this disposable  vape is 3.7V/1.2 ????=3.08333333A.

  • Discuss the electrical dangers of an E-Cig. Give specific examples. 

One of the primary electrical dangers associated with E-Cigs or vapes  are the batteries. The type of batteries used in these devices has been  unregulated. Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if they become  damaged or over-heated. The chemical within the battery reacts to oxygen  and can combust. If this happens while in use or carried by and  individual, serious injury can occur.

  • There are many electrical safety rules.  Pick one, and discuss its application on a small system, such as the E-Cig.

It is important to know the requirements for each specific device.  Due to the sensitive nature of lithium-ion batteries, it is important to  handle them with care. Use the correct charger that comes with the  device or charger specified. Be sure to charge away from flammable  materials and do not leave the device charging overnight or for extended  periods of time.


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