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The three questions that each of you must answer in your initial post are: MAKE SURE TO USE FILES 12.1 & 12.2 TO ANSWER QUESTIONS MAKE SURE IT IS 300 WORDS IN TOTAL 

  1. What were the three main ideas that stood out for you from this chapter?
  2. Without repeating information from the textbook, why are those main ideas from the chapter important to you? (In other words, how have you experienced the concepts/principles discussed in this chapter?)
  3. How will you use the information in this chapter in your work life AND what outcomes/results do you expect to achieve by doing so?

When writing your initial post that answers these three questions, please label your answers according to the question number (using the numbers 1, 2, and 3). Do not re-write the questions in your answer. 




You are to create a project that evaluates and assesses solutions to the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria. You will create a project that outlines a plan to help stop the spread of antibiotic resistance.

What needs to be included 

Create a professional and informative presentation. This could be a video, a digital pamphlet, a PowerPoint, a blog post – whatever (you do not actually have to give a verbal presentation). This assignment is intended to help me gauge your knowledge of evolution, natural selection, and diversity of life. To be considered for credit, all of the following items must be addressed in your project:

   1. Discuss the characteristics of bacteria

  • List the defining characteristics of bacteria

   2. Discuss how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics

  • Explain the full process of natural selection in relation to antibiotic resistance by explaining how each of the following bacterial traits contribute to antibiotic resistance:
    • How has inheritance of traits in bacteria contributed to antibiotic resistance?
    • How has genetic variation within bacterial populations contributed to antibiotic resistance?
      • What is the ultimate source of genetic variation?
    • How has nonrandom survival and reproduction of bacteria contributed to antibiotic resistance?
    • (If you want, you can refer to the text or the chapter 11 & 13 PowerPoint for an explanation of the requirements for natural selection — note: do NOT just copy and paste these points from chapter 11 & 13 PowerPoint but instead explain how these traits contribute to antibiotic resistance)

   3. Discuss at least 3 causes that have led to the rise of antibiotic resistance

   4. Discuss the risks of antibiotic resistance in the U.S. and around the world (i.e., why is it dangerous/a problem)

   5. Discuss the prevalence of antibiotic resistance in the U.S. (i.e., how common is it) 

  • Provide statistics 

   6. Discuss at least 3 currently recommended potential solutions to slow and combat the rise of antibiotic resistance

   7. Cite your sources: at least 3 sources must be cited. You must visually display at least 3 sources. Provide the entire website URL where you found the information (do not need MLA or APA format). 

  • References from government websites, academic institutions, or organizations that are recognized authorities on the subject are recommended
  • Do not use websites, such as Wikipedia, WebMD, Healthline, forums, personal blogs, or popular magazines (i.e., Women’s Health, etc.) .

Recommended Research Resources:

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