Use the Resume Builder available through the Career Center (use

Use the Resume Builder available through the Career Center (use your Career Center course to access it) to create your first draft of a resume or upload a current  resume that

  • uses appropriate action verbs to maximize their description of your skills and experience
  • effectively describes the breadth and depth of your background
  • reflects your current situation (such as entry-level candidate, moving up in their field, changing careers)
  • are one or two pages dependent on your situation

When the draft is completed, download it to your computer from the resume builder, and submit it here.  In addition, reach out to your Career Coach to let him/her know which draft resume requires feedback. Your coach will review and provide feedback during this course. Contact information for your career coach is available under the video in Career Center Overview (in your Career Center course).

You will work with your Career Development Coach throughout this course to revise your draft.  Your final resume is due to your Career Coach prior to the end of this course, so be certain to reach out to your Coach with your draft in the next two weeks. In Unit 6, you will be required to submit your coach’s feedback on your draft. In Unit 7, you will need to submit your resume, your downloaded final resume from the Resume Builder,  and a worksheet documenting how you responded to the feedback while creating your final version.  Also, be certain to send a final version to your Career Coach to best provide employment support

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