Trying to improve the prevention and early detection of coronary heart disease


Imagine you are working in a regional public health department in a team that has responsibility for trying to improve the prevention and early detection of coronary heart disease. It has been noticed that women in your region have higher than national average rates of death from coronary heart disease. One of your colleagues suggests that this could be because women in your region do not consider themselves to be at risk of coronary heart disease.


Question 1 During discussions about this public health problem one of your colleagues presents the following article: Ruston A. and Clayton J. (2002). Coronary heart disease: women’s assessment of risk—a qualitative study. Health, Risk & Society, 4(2), pp.125-137. Prepare a critical appraisal of the study. Use the appropriate CASP checklist to structure your answer. You should identify, and discuss possible weaknesses in the methodological approach taken in this study. You should discuss the relevance of the study’s findings to your own country and/or region. 60 marks Question 2 Explain the fundamental differences in the objectives and methodological design between qualitative and quantitative studies. 20 marks Question 3 Discuss the value of qualitative research in the development and implementation of public health policy and guidance. In your opinion is qualitative research under- or over-used in the production of policies and guidance? Discuss the possible reasons for this. 20 marks o 10% of the marks for all questions will be awarded for spelling, grammar, punctuation and presentation LEARNING OUTCOMES TESTED BY THIS ASSESSMENT  Be able to critically appraise common research designs and assess the published literature.  Understand how to apply evidence to inform professional practice and decision making.  Understand the strengths and limitations of traditional concepts of evidence-based practice and how these relate to their own work or profession.

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