CYBERWAR Assignment

Watch this video: Richard A. Clarke: Cyberwar in 2013 Answer these questions in your own words:

1. Why does it matter? How might you, your home, or your organization be impacted by a successful cyber-attack?

2. Who should address this? How and why?

3. Personally, how much are you worried about this? SCADA 4. In your own words, define SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. 5. Summarize in your own words what happened with Stuxnet and the “Aurora Generator Test”. (Cite your sources) 6. Find, cite, and summarize in your own words stories of three other cyber attacks (successful or thwarted) that have happened around the globe in the last decade. (One in each of three out of the four categories below) Criminals (I.e., a financial theft) Hacktivism (attacks for political reasons) Espionage (A data theft, such as industrial espionage, international espionage) War (An attack by a nation state or terror on infrastructure – Command and Control, Destruction, or Denial of Services of a power plant, grid, Internet, dams, air traffic control, etc.)

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