First Aid

 Learn & Reflects should be from a journal, magazine, internet or newspaper article discussing some type of FIRST AID or INJURY related procedure. Reviews should be typed in APA Format, and should include: (0) Title Page with Name, Date, assignment & Course title (this page does not count towards your page count), (1) Title, (2) full citation [title, source, date, volume, page #, and author), (3) short article summary, (4) and personal critique of how the skills you have learned in the course are or are not used in the article and if you were the hero in the scenario a detailed account of what needs to be done to prepare the victim for EMS arrival. Journal of Emergency Medical Services, RN, The EMT Journal, British Journal of Nursing, Nursing, and Injury: International Journal of the Care of the Injured, and JEMS are some good sources for these article reviews and are located in Lister Hill Library. You also can choose from local stories of accidents, emergency situations and other life-threatening conditions. The length of each article review should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, typewritten. Make sure to use the textbook, and the article citations in the paper properly. Attach a complete copy of the article. Not attaching the article will result in a zero for the entire assignment.

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