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 Task: The task of this assignment is to write a short, critical review of the book Occupy Nation which we are reading in class. The assignment should be approximately 3-5 pages in length (typed, double spaced, 12 point font, with page numbers) and submitted through Blackboard First, a review gives the reader a concise summary of the content. This includes a relevant description of the topic as well as its overall perspective, argument, or purpose. Second, and more importantly, a review offers a critical assessment of the content. This involves your reactions to the work under review: what strikes you as noteworthy, whether or not it was effective or persuasive, and how it enhanced your understanding of the issues at hand. You should focus, then, on the book’s topic of the Occupy movement, and discuss what happened with this movement, according to the book. But you should also be focused on Gitin’s sociological thinking and analysis of this book and about his views of this movement and whether his views are sympathetic. Think about how Gitlin gets his data for the book and how he examines this data. Think about how the book is organized into three sections – roots, spirit and promise, as this is important for the review.

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