Constructing an annotated bibliography is an effective way to get familiar with research and literature of the field. In our case, it should assist you to learn about literature and research in the field of international and comparative education. Survey available literature on a topic of your interest (Study Abroad programs in the USA and Brazil through a literature review of the recent trends of the student mobility of these three countries’ study abroad – challenges and opportunities), run an ERIC or any date related base and use journals in international and/or comparative education or related field to locate relevant materials. It must be scholarly work/references and literature – different types of sources (books, journal articles, and conference proceedings) that are of most value/interest to you regarding comparative and international education.

Write an annotated bibliography on each source between 150-200 words describing its main ideas/aspects and its usefulness and significance. This assignment also prepares you to write your research paper for the course. Apply APA style 6 edition to your writing formatting and references. For the WRITER information to have also in mind: The Annotated Bibliography will be for writing my paper in two weeks: STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS IN THE USA and BRAZIL THROUGH A LITERATURE REVIEW OF THE RECENT TRENDS OF THE STUDENT MOBILITY – CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES. The focus of my paper will be on STUDENT MOBILITY of these three countries’ study abroad programs (USA, Brazil, and Portugal), What types of study abroad programs. Why these programs in relation to student mobility. (THIS IS THE CORE OF MY PAPER’S FOCUS) Challenges and opportunities. The Annotated Bibliography, (with literature review), will ADD significance to my paper, to whom it may be useful/valuable and how…. Students, administrators, scholars, government, etc. VERY IMPORTANT: Through the literature review (annotated bibliography) I will write about finding ways to support WHY MY STUDY IS IMPORTANT TO FILL A GAP IN WHAT HAS BEEN RESEARCHED.