Analysis of organisational human factors

 First, search, monitor and bookmark internet news stories concerning human factors in transportation that cover the themes of the various topics covered in this course. The news stories must be English-language stories from reputable, international, national or regional news agencies or newspapers or even accident investigation bodies (e.g. Associated Press, Reuters, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, BBC News, The Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ATSB website, NTSB website, etc). The publication must be no older than one year (ideally less than six months) prior to the start of the course, but can be of any date during the course. Individuals are required to select only one story and: • cite the article title (exactly from the source), • provide a concise summary/synopsis of the story that is no longer than 50 words, and • relate the content or themes of the story to the material in the related Unit/s of the course by integrating references to scholarly literature (e.g. books, and journals). You may of course use additional references that are not included in the course materials as required readings. You must reference at least six HF/safety reference sources for each story. Concentrate on integrating new scholarly material rather than repeating facts about the event/story (maximum total word count, not including references per story/event is 1,000). There is no need to provide an introduction or a conclusion in the assignment. However, you must provide a list of references for the news stories/event and the scholarly literature sources that you have cited. It is recommended that you structure your assignment roughly as follows: 1. Title page, 2. Headline of news article, then brief synopsis followed by HF/safety analysis, 3. List of References; remember; there should be at least six references. References must be cited and formatted in APA (American Psychological Association) style. Remember the word limit is 1,000 words per story, excluding the cover sheet, title page and list of references. Please state the word count on the title page. Marks will be deducted for assignments exceeding the word limit. Theme is Biman “Bangladesh Airlines Flight 147”

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