Older nurses bulling the new nurses

Description An “op ed” or “opposite the editorial page” or “opinion editorial” is a written piece published by news media that expresses the opinion of an author not affiliated with the publication’s editorial board. Students will take an issue related to health care and craft an op-ed. You will need to take a stand on the issue and defend your rationale and position.Getting started: The Basics • own your expertise • stay current • the perfect is the enemy of the good • cultivate a flexible mind • use plain language • respect your reader Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing • why should we readers trust you? • can you back up what you say? • what’s new? • so what? • what’s the difference between being “right” and being “effective”? • how will your ideas and arguments contribute to the conversation, and be helpful to your audience? Structure • lede (around a news hook – see below) • thesis • argument  1st point  2nd point  3rd point • “to be sure” paragraph • conclusion (often circling back to your lede) Ledes (set the scene) and News Hooks: Catching Attention • use the news • tell a dramatic anecdote • reference popular culture • turn conventional wisdom on end • use wit and irony to point out a contradiction • use an anniversary • cite a major new study • get personal Op ed should be a maximum of 5 pages. 1. Lede hooks reader 2. Thesis 3. Argument includes at least 2 points and supports position 4. “To be sure” paragraph 5.Conclusion circles back to lede 6. Op ed written in APA format, 12-point font, double-spaced, references in APA format, spelling & grammar correct,

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