Anxiety Disorder in Children

 Research paper based on a current topic in Child/Adolescent Psychology and raise a question to be explored and present a hypothesis. Question: How does childhood anxiety interfere with interpersonal and academic functioning? Hypothesis: Childhood anxiety may be considered a normal part of a child’s life and learning to adjust to new environments and situations, for some children, this anxiety can be persistent and intense. The paper can go beyond “anxiety” and perhaps consider “internalizing behaviors” (this includes all internal emotions such as anxiety, depression, feelings of low self-worth, etc.) and academic functioning if you cannot find enough information on anxiety alone. Often in children emotions/feelings are categorized into internalizing and externalizing problem. Research paper details: 1. Sources must be no more than 5-7 years old 2. Paper must have a cover page, a brief abstract and a citation page, and double-space. All must be written according to APA formatting. 3. It is to be written entirely in the 3rd person and is not to include any opinion or personal thoughts. 4. Paper must also include in-text citations for all material that is not common known. 5. Direct quotations should also be cited properly but should be few in number.

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