New Bussiness: The Project Portfolio

The Project Portfolio is the centre of everything you do on this module. In other words, it is what holds all your learning and assessment for this module. In this sense, it is what drives what and how you choose to learn, and how what you learn is applied your innovation. You are NOT REQUIRED to write a separate report or business plan.

You are required to produce a Project Portfolio which will incorporate TWO Project Logs, which are designed to help you gradually build up a portfolio which can be used to evidence your innovative thinking, research and strategic decisions within the context of your innovation.

Project Log 1

A short introduction to the market contexts within which you would like to base your project. For example: which sector/industry? What products/services? What kinds of problem/issue that consumers have with the existing products or services? Why are you personally interested in this?

Produce an introduction to your proposed innovation. Explain how you have use specific creative thinking technique(s) to generate your innovation idea.

Provide a clear explanation of how your innovation works. For a product innovation that involves the use of any technologies, explain the technologies involved supported by all the technical and schematic details. For a service innovation, explain service processes involved, if relevant, supported by all the technical details and schematics of technologies involved. Remember that you can attach the extra technical and schematic details, diagrams, sketching in the appendices. 

Produce a literature-informed explanation of a blue ocean strategy that can be used to achieve a new value curve for your chosen industry/market. Illustrate your Blue Ocean strategy on the Strategic Canvas. Explain why you have chosen the value factors used in your strategic canvas. Consider how your strategy produces a genuine Blue Ocean strategy, and justify your decision.  

Project Log 2

Using the Essential Reading on Business Model and Value Proposition, produce a literature-informed discussion on the business model you have designed for your proposed innovation. Consider and justify how your business model will involve innovative strategic decisions on:

Customer Segments

Customer Relationships

Exceptional Buyer Utility


Revenue Streams and Strategic Pricing 

Key Resources

Key Activities

Key Partnership

Cost Structure


You are also required to submit all the typed-up completed planning templates, which you will be given hard copies in class and electronic copies on SHUspace. You will upload these as appendices in one WORD file when you submit your portfolio.   

To do well, you must demonstrate a deep understanding of the relevant academic concepts and apply them accurately in your work. You are strongly encouraged to incorporate as many relevant materials as possible which may include: chapters of books, journal articles, internet sources, statistics, newspaper articles, images, drawings, diagrams and anything that you find useful in your project. Specific guidelines for each week/session are given to help you ‘chart’ the journey that you undergo to complete your project.

The maximum word count is 4000 words. Anything attached in the Appendices is NOT part of the word count.

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