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Answer these questions by number: 1. In terms of “any billboard” – not just digital billboards – are they “sky trash” as Scenic America suggests, or do they provide a value to consumers and advertisers as the Outdoor Advertising Association of America asserts? (Be sure to download and peruse the OOH Value Guide. https://oaaa.org/AboutOOH/OOHBasics/OOHValueProposition.aspx 2. Should private property owners be allowed to contract with outdoor advertising companies for the placement of billboards on private property without government interference? Or, should the government regulate the number, placement, and size of billboards irrespective of the rights of property owners? 3. Have you ever been distracted by a digital billboard? Based on all of your research, do digital billboards pose a safety risk or not? Be sure to defend your answer. 4. Provide the links to the research you conducted.

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