Revenue per Subscriber Ratio


Word Document and Excel Spreadsheet- Use the eight ratios utilized in component one. o Provide your opinion of the effectiveness of the financial management of the corporation by discussing each ratio. o In a separate paragraph for each ratio list the following: Provide a brief description of the specific ratio. Detail the five-year financial ratio trend analysis for your primary company. Analyze and describe the performance of your primary company compared to your peer and industry average for the most recent FYE. Provide a sentence or two explaining why your primary company did better or worse than the peer and industry.

1. Revenue per Subscriber Ratio 2. Return on equity Ratio 3. Net Gearing Ratio 4. Total Asset Turnover Ratio 5. Current Ratio 6. Revenue per Employee Ratio 7. Debt to Total Assets Ratio 8. Times Interest Earned Ratio Please use Netflix as the primary company and Redbox as the peer compa

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