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Description After many delays, ICD-10 was finally implemented in the U.S. on Oct. 1, 2015. The updated diagnosis code system helps to provide more details regarding what is exactly wrong with a patient. Students can read more about the topic here: Instructions: For this scavenger, students should use their favorite web search tool to identify a recent news article (published within the last 6 months) that has ICD-10 as a primary topic of discussion. Next, the student should write a synopsis of the article. The synopsis should not be a point blank word for word copying of the article, but it should just include key points. After the synopsis, the student should write their opinion on how the items discussed, in the article, impact providers now and moving into the future. Each submission should be a minimum of 200 words long. Remember the item being identified should be a news article (not a research project, dissertation, or blog). Students should refer to the web scavenger hunt rubric prior to submitting their work. No composition errors. All information is well written.Sources are cited and referenced, including the correct information. Cover pager, reference page, and running header included ad correctly formatted. Assignment contains all required elements, meets page length or word count minimum. Writing is easy to read. Transitional words are used, and there are no points in which the reader had difficulty understanding what the author is attempting to communicate.

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