The similarities and differences between old and modern literary portrayals of witchcraft

Compare and contrast sixteenth and seventeenth-century fictional literary portrayals of witchcraft (for example, the Witch of Edmonton) with twentieth and twenty-first century literary and film portrayals of witchcraft. Why and how do these portrayals differ? How did the author, intended audience, and historical context shape the nature of these portrayals? Be sure to reference specific portrayals from both periods to defend your argument.

Be sure to consider at least two sixteenth or seventeenth-century fictional portrayals of witchcraft and two twentieth or twenty-first-century fictional portrayals of witchcraft. ——————- The essay must use specific evidence to support your arguments. The essay should each include: – An introduction in which you introduce your topic and present a clear thesis statement. – A series of paragraphs that present evidence that clearly supports your thesis. Introduce each paragraph with a topic sentence. Each paragraph should contain only one topic. – A conclusion in which you restate your main points and thesis. – All quotations and paraphrased information must include in-text citations APA format.

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