Fall Risk in Healthcare Quality and Safety Paper

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key word ( PICO) P It can be the patient, it can be the population, it can be the problem. I is for the intervention. C is for the comparison, O is for the outcome. this four is the keywords which will be USE to search to search ,

DATA base ( pub mid ) Last 10 years Google Scholar OR Pub Med just like that. You choose any three DATA BASE

Inclusion & excluded criteria You should have inclusion and exclusion criteria. Inclusion and exclusion criteria. So if you have inclusion and exclusion criteria, so this is the guidelines. This is the initial step for you which will be guiding you to take the reduce. So what is this? Inclusion by study will be included the study whichever is done only in Saudi Arabia.Integrated review is based on they have given an approach. The name of approach is White, Moore and Nash approach and he is having this approach is having five steps. You are going to do the review As for the steps which is described by him by the author,

searched the sources from Single M Base Midline Pub Med Cycling for the review included the studies which is focused on nurse patient communication issues, communication barriers, cultural and language issues. You see here. This is the title is Barriers to Nurse Patient communication in Saudi Arabia.I UPPLOAD THE RUBRIC AND ARTICALS I NEED SAME WAY OF THIS ARTICALES , USE INTEGRATIVE REVIEW

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Fall Risk in Healthcare Quality and Safety Paper

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Title of study: Barriers to Nurse Patient communication in Saudi Arabia

This study aims to explore the barriers to nurse-patient communication in Saudi Arabia. Effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients is crucial for delivering high-quality care and improving patient outcomes. By identifying and understanding these barriers, healthcare providers can develop strategies to overcome them and enhance communication.

PICO Keywords:
– P: Patients in Saudi Arabia
– I: Nurse-patient communication
– C: Comparison between different communication strategies or approaches
– O: Outcome of improved communication and reduced barriers

Data sources:
For this study, three databases will be utilized to gather relevant information from the past 10 years: Pubmed, Google Scholar, and Single M Base Midline. These databases provide access to a wide range of peer-reviewed articles and research studies related to healthcare and nursing.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria:
To ensure the relevance and quality of the studies included in the review, the following inclusion and exclusion criteria will be applied:
– Inclusion criteria:
– Studies conducted exclusively in Saudi Arabia
– Focus on nurse-patient communication issues, communication barriers, cultural, and language issues
– Exclusion criteria:
– Studies conducted in countries other than Saudi Arabia
– Studies that do not specifically address nurse-patient communication barriers

By using these criteria, we aim to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the barriers to nurse-patient communication in Saudi Arabia and provide evidence-based recommendations for improvement.

Please note: The provided rubric and articles for the assignment have not been included in the answer.

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