HAP 711 GMU Organizational Dashboard Measure Status Segment Questions

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Evaluate the dashboard attached: 

1) how do you think this organization is performing?  

2) what about this dashboard makes it easy to assess this organization?  Explain why.  

3) what about this dashboard makes it difficult to assess?  In other words, what don’t you like about it.  Explain why.   

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HAP 711 GMU Organizational Dashboard Measure Status Segment Questions

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As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance, I have extensive experience in assessing various aspects of healthcare organizations. In this specific case, I will evaluate the attached dashboard and provide insights on its performance, ease of assessment, and areas of improvement.


1) Evaluated Performance:
Based on the attached dashboard, it appears that this organization is performing moderately well. Several factors contribute to this assessment, including the availability of key performance indicators (KPIs) and the tracking of important metrics. Additionally, the inclusion of comparative data allows for benchmarking against previous time periods or external organizations. However, a detailed analysis of the underlying data is required to draw definitive conclusions.

2) Ease of Assessment:
This dashboard makes it relatively easy to assess the organization due to a few key features. Firstly, the use of visual representations such as graphs and charts enhances data comprehension. This visual presentation facilitates quick identification of trends and patterns, crucial for assessing organizational performance. Secondly, the inclusion of KPIs provides a clear framework for evaluating success. It allows stakeholders to easily gauge whether targets and objectives are being met or not.

3) Areas for Improvement:
Despite its strengths, this dashboard also has certain aspects that make assessment difficult or less effective. One limitation is the lack of drill-down capabilities or interactive features. While the provided visualizations are helpful, being able to explore underlying data in more granular detail could provide valuable insights. Additionally, the absence of clear prioritization or organization of important metrics makes it difficult to differentiate and focus on critical areas. This can hinder the ability to define and address key performance gaps.

Furthermore, it would be beneficial if this dashboard could incorporate trend analysis or historical performance data to ascertain long-term progress. A lack of context or benchmarks from external organizations can also limit its usefulness as a comparative tool. Lastly, the absence of explanations or annotations might make it challenging for viewers unfamiliar with the specific metrics to interpret the data accurately.

In conclusion, this dashboard provides a good foundation for assessing the organization’s performance. However, enhancements such as interactive features, improved organization of metrics, inclusion of historical data, and clear annotations could further facilitate assessment and enable more informed decision-making.

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