Indiana Institute of Technology Governmental and Global Public Health Organizations Paper

For this assignment, you will prepare a written document that compares the similarities and differences of governmental and global public health organizations/agencies. Please follow the instructions below and prepare your document. Be sure to save in .doc or .docx format, and to follow APA guidelines. 


In Module 2, we compared the goals and roles of governmental public health.

Compare governmental public health organizations/agencies and global health organizations/agencies by describing how they are similar and how they differ.

Use a table format. 

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Indiana Institute of Technology Governmental and Global Public Health Organizations Paper

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Governmental public health organizations/agencies and global health organizations/agencies play crucial roles in promoting and protecting the health of populations. While they share the common goal of improving public health, there are distinct differences in their scope, functions, and approaches. In this written document, we will compare the similarities and differences between these two types of health organizations/agencies in terms of their goals, roles, and impact. The comparison will be presented in a table format, following APA guidelines for formatting and citation.


Table Title: Comparison of Governmental and Global Public Health Organizations/Agencies

| Aspects | Governmental Public Health Organizations/Agencies | Global Health Organizations/Agencies |
| Goals | – Protecting and promoting the health of the | – Improving health outcomes globally |
| | population within a specific country or | – Addressing health disparities and |
| | jurisdiction. | inequities worldwide. |
| | | – Enhancing access to healthcare |
| | | services for underserved populations |
| Roles | – Monitoring and surveillance of diseases and | – Collaborating with international |
| | public health threats. | partners to address global health |
| | – Implementing and enforcing public health | challenges. |
| | regulations, policies, and programs. | – Conducting research and providing |
| | – Providing public health services, such as | technical assistance for health |
| | immunizations and disease prevention. | system strengthening. |
| | | – Advocating for policies and |
| | | interventions that improve health |
| | | outcomes globally. |
| Impact | – Focuses on addressing specific health issues | – Addresses health challenges at a |
| | and health disparities within a specific | global scale. |
| | jurisdiction. | – Aims to reduce global health |
| | – Impact is more localized and influenced by | inequities and improve health |
| | domestic policies and funding. | outcomes for all. |
| | | – Influences global health policies |
| | | and funding. |

In conclusion, both governmental public health organizations/agencies and global health organizations/agencies share the goal of improving public health. However, they differ in their specific goals, roles, and impact. Governmental organizations mainly focus on protecting and promoting health within a specific country or jurisdiction, whereas global health organizations work towards addressing health disparities and improving health outcomes worldwide. This comparison highlights the distinct functions of these organizations/agencies and their contributions to public health.

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