Saint Clouds Tech College Famiily and Community Relations Paper

Create your own personal Bronfenbrenner map.

Reflect on some of your own core beliefs and create a reflection of who you are and your system influences in your own Bronfenbrenner model. 

Follow the directions given in this video: Your Personal Map Directions VIDEO.  Include and label everything required – make sure to use the grading criteria below.

I’m open to you using whatever tool you are most comfortable with.  You can even create on paper and take a photo of your final product.  A circle diagram with labels must be included.


Individual –  

You, at the center. 

Include anything specific about you:  your likes, personality, age, grade, appearance

Microsystem – 

Next circle (outside of and around “individual”)

Your close relationships in close, small settings

Places and people where you are an active participant

family members, school classes, school relationships, peers, friends, work, church, neighborhood

Choose specific people or experiences, unique to YOU.  Instead of “friends”, name the friend. Instead of “school”, name a class or teacher. 

Exosystem – 

Next circle (outside of and around “Microsystem”) 

Things you are not an active participant in, but they affect you.

Things your parents are involved in, things in your community/county/state, policies, places & resources available in your community


Largest outside circle

Includes Society & subcultures

Your country, your beliefs, lifestyle, religion, ancestry, urban/rural living, type of government, customs, traditions, celebrations, food…

How to solve

Saint Clouds Tech College Famiily and Community Relations Paper

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Creating a personal Bronfenbrenner map allows individuals to gain a better understanding of the various systems and influences that shape their beliefs and experiences. This map provides a visual representation of the different levels of influence in one’s life, ranging from the individual to the macrosystem. By reflecting on our core beliefs and exploring how these beliefs are influenced by different levels of the Bronfenbrenner model, we can develop a deeper self-awareness and appreciation for the complexity of our own identities.

Answer to the content:
In completing the personal Bronfenbrenner map assignment, it is essential to follow the provided directions and include and label all the necessary components. The grading criteria should be carefully considered to ensure that all requirements are met. It is also important to explore individual uniqueness by providing specific examples rather than generic descriptions.

In the individual section, include personal characteristics, such as likes, personality traits, and relevant demographic details such as age and grade. This section should focus on what makes you distinct as an individual.

The microsystem section should include close relationships that actively influence you. These may include family members, school classes, teachers, friends, peers, work, church, and neighborhood. Instead of simply stating “friends,” try to name specific individuals or experiences that have had a significant impact on you.

Moving on to the exosystem section, describe the external factors that indirectly affect you even though you may not be an active participant. These could include your parents’ involvement in certain activities, community resources, local policies, and organizations. Reflect on how these aspects impact your daily life and beliefs.

Lastly, in the macrosystem section, focus on broader societal and cultural influences. Consider your country, beliefs, lifestyle, religion, ancestry, type of government, customs, traditions, celebrations, and even food. Reflect on how these aspects shape your identity and worldview.

Remember to create a clear and visually appealing diagram using a tool of your choice. Consider using circles to represent each level of the Bronfenbrenner model and label them accordingly. The diagram should clearly show the connections and influences between different levels of the model.

In summary, completing a personal Bronfenbrenner map provides an opportunity for self-reflection and examination of the various systems that shape our beliefs and experiences. By incorporating specific examples and labeling all the required components, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place within the broader social context.

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