Southern New Hampshire University Several Specific Strategies Discussion

learned about several specific strategies that you can use to manage your biases. How might you apply some of those strategies to processing media like the advertisements your peers shared?

1. If a social scientist is showing anger or negative emotions then they might say something like if a company is failing then it is the CEO/owners fault for not trying hard enough. But if a company is thriving than and the scientist is showing happy or excited emotions the he or she would say the CEO/ owner is doing an excellent job.

I do not believe any of my advertisements had any biases because they are more towards not looking at societies standards on people but accepting everyone as who they are. That no one should be judge and feel comfortable in their own skin.

2. When someone uses their opinions or emotions in their research, they are most likely to include subjective observations. This is frowned upon but can also shed light on what someone’s true beliefs are. This can be a somewhat positive thing because you know exactly where they stand. However, opinions can change over time, and this makes them non credible for research. For this reason, biases should always be avoided when conducting research.

Apple: A Climate Change Promise from Apple- This ad was not biased at all. The intention of the ad is to promote awareness for the importance of preventing further climate change. They are using an innocent child’s life as an example of how important it is to keep the world safe for future generations. A climate change promise from Apple – YouTube

Burger King: Reduced Methane Whoppers- To me, this ad does not show any biases. This ad uses humor in the way of making a song about cows and their ability to generate excess amount of methane gases on a daily basis. This is a very clever way to educate people on the importance of changing our livestock’s eating habits in order to prevent further damage to our environment. Burger King: Reduced Methane Whoppers • Ads of the World™ | Part of The Clio Network

Jeep: Grounghog Day-Bill Murray- This ad shows a bias towards owning a Jeep. It suggests that every day will be the exact same new adventure if you own a Jeep. Jeep: Groundhog Day – Bill Murray • Ads of the World™ | Part of The Clio Network

Panasonic: Your Inner Man- This ad does show a bias. It tends to encourage that a real man shaves his chest. It also goes to disprove the old stereotype that a real man has to have a full-grown beard and bushy chest hair in order to be a “real man.” Panasonic: Your Inner Man • Ads of the World™ | Part of The Clio Network

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Southern New Hampshire University Several Specific Strategies Discussion

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As a medical professor, it is crucial to educate college students on not only medical knowledge and skills but also critical thinking and analysis. This includes developing an understanding of biases and how they can influence perception, research, and decision-making. In this context, students are encouraged to apply strategies to manage biases when processing media such as advertisements. Applying these strategies can help them critically evaluate and analyze the content they encounter, ensuring a well-rounded perspective.


When applying strategies to manage biases in processing media like the advertisements shared by peers, several approaches can be valuable. One such strategy is awareness. By being aware of one’s own biases and acknowledging their presence, individuals can actively work towards minimizing their impact. This involves recognizing personal preferences, beliefs, and preconceived notions that might influence judgment.

Another effective strategy is seeking diverse perspectives. This entails actively seeking out a range of viewpoints and sources of information that differ from one’s own. By considering various perspectives, individuals can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and reduce the risk of biased interpretation.

Additionally, critical analysis plays a crucial role in managing biases. Encouraging students to critically evaluate the content they encounter, including advertisements, can help them identify any potential biases or manipulative tactics. This involves examining the underlying message, the target audience, and the potential motivations behind the advertisement.

Moreover, fact-checking and verification are essential strategies when processing media. Encouraging students to verify the information presented in advertisements, such as statistics or claims, can help them discern the accuracy and credibility of the message. Cross-referencing information with reliable sources can further enhance critical analysis and decrease the influence of biases.

Furthermore, fostering open and respectful discussion can aid in managing biases. Encouraging students to engage in constructive conversations about the advertisements shared by their peers can provide an opportunity to challenge biases and explore different interpretations. This exchange of ideas can broaden perspectives and enable a more nuanced understanding of the media content.

In summary, applying strategies to manage biases when processing media, particularly advertisements, is essential for college students. By promoting awareness, seeking diverse perspectives, engaging in critical analysis, fact-checking, and fostering open discussion, students can develop valuable skills in evaluating content objectively and minimizing the impact of biases.

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