Walden University Health & Medical Clinical Skills Essay

  • Rate yourself on clinical skills, based on your experiences during this practicum. Summarize the results. Explain which goals you accomplished and which you did not. If you did not achieve a particular goal, explain how you could continue to work on it after you complete your program, as you advance and grow in your career.

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Walden University Health & Medical Clinical Skills Essay

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During this practicum, I would rate myself as highly proficient in clinical skills. The experiences gained throughout my medical education and the opportunities provided during this practicum have allowed me to acquire a comprehensive set of clinical skills necessary to excel in a medical career.

The results of my clinical skills evaluation during this practicum have been overwhelmingly positive. I have consistently demonstrated a strong ability to perform various clinical tasks, from taking patient histories to performing physical examinations and conducting diagnostic tests. Additionally, my communication skills with patients and colleagues have been commendable, enabling effective and empathetic interactions.

Among the goals I accomplished during this practicum were enhancing my knowledge and understanding of different medical conditions, their diagnostic criteria, and appropriate treatment approaches. I also achieved proficiency in formulating differential diagnoses and developing management plans for patients. Moreover, I successfully refined my ability to perform clinical procedures, such as suturing wounds, taking blood samples, and starting intravenous lines.

However, there were a few goals I did not fully achieve during this practicum. One area where I could improve is my ability to interpret complex medical imaging, such as CT scans and MRIs, with a higher level of accuracy. Although I have made progress in this aspect, continued exposure and practice would allow me to enhance my skills in the interpretation of imaging studies. Additionally, I would like to further refine my proficiency in surgical skills, as the limited scope of this practicum did not provide extensive opportunities to develop these skills.

Moving forward, after completing this program and as I advance and grow in my medical career, I would engage in continual professional development activities to address any areas where I may have fallen short. This includes attending workshops or seminars focused on advanced interpretation of medical imaging, seeking additional surgical rotations, and participating in hands-on training programs. I would also actively seek mentorship and guidance from experienced clinicians in order to further refine my clinical skills.

By utilizing these strategies and consistently seeking opportunities to practice and enhance my clinical skills, I am confident that I will continue to develop as a competent and skilled medical professional throughout my career.

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