PSY 520 SNHU Material and Analysis of Data

In a journal assignment, briefly describe the materials for your research project and discuss how you plan to analyze the data you collect. Specifically, what statistical test(s) will you use?

This journal assignment is a great opportunity to have your instructor provide feedback regarding your data analysis plan so as to ensure you are on the right track.

This assignment is graded pass/fail based upon completion. In order to receive credit and instructor feedback, you will need to submit your journal assignment here for grading.

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PSY 520 SNHU Material and Analysis of Data

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For my research project, I will be focusing on the effectiveness of a new treatment protocol for patients with a specific medical condition. The materials for this study will include the medical records of patients who have undergone the new treatment as well as their demographic information.

To analyze the data collected, I plan to employ several statistical tests. First, I will conduct a descriptive analysis to summarize the demographic characteristics of the patient population. This will involve calculating measures such as mean, median, and standard deviation for continuous variables, and frequency distributions for categorical variables.

Next, I will perform a hypothesis test to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. This will involve comparing the outcomes of patients who received the new treatment with the outcomes of a control group who received the standard treatment. To assess the difference between the two groups, I plan to use a t-test or Mann-Whitney U test depending on the distribution of the outcome variable.

Furthermore, I will also employ a chi-square test to analyze the association between the demographic variables (e.g. age, gender, comorbidities) and the treatment outcomes. This will help identify any potential confounding factors that may influence the treatment effectiveness.

Lastly, I intend to conduct a regression analysis to explore the relationship between various predictor variables (such as age, duration of illness, and treatment adherence) and the treatment outcomes. This will allow me to identify any significant predictors and assess their individual contributions to the treatment effectiveness.

In conclusion, the statistical tests I plan to use for my research project include descriptive analysis, t-test or Mann-Whitney U test, chi-square test, and regression analysis. These tests will enable me to analyze the collected data comprehensively and provide insights into the effectiveness of the new treatment protocol.

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