please read the instructions and answer everything

1) Complete the self-assessment, Check Your Health Risks – Life Events Scale for Students, in the textbook (page 96 in Chapter 5) and post a comment that addresses the following:

After completing this scale, tally-up your score and read how to interpret your score. You do not have to reveal your total score, but you do need to present a brief interpretation of your score—do you think it is accurate of your stress experiences? Likewise, do you believe a score around 190 represents the typical college student? A score reaching 300 predictive of health problems in the near (within 2 years) future? Explain.

2) Next, given what you have learned in these chapters, how might you try to reduce stress in your own life to promote better health?

3) Now that you have reflected on these questions, you need to return to the Discussion Forum at a later time and reply to another student’s posted comment. Your reply has to be directly relevant to the other student’s posting (vague and general replies like “I think that’s cool what you posted” do not count). 

  • This question is based on material from Chapter 6. You need to answer this question in a minimum of five (5) complete and grammatically correct sentences. Enter your response in the Submission Field. You must write your answer in your own words and not directly use the authors’ writing from the textbook or from some other source. Remember, you have to compose your answer in essay (not outlining or listing) format:

Define the diathesis-stress model. Describe how this model helps to explain why stress may be especially harmful for some people. 

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please read the instructions and answer everything

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In this assignment, we will address various aspects related to stress and health risks. Firstly, we will analyze the results of a self-assessment scale that evaluates stress levels. Then, we will discuss how to reduce stress in our own lives to promote better health. Lastly, we will explore the diathesis-stress model and how it explains the potential harm of stress on certain individuals.

1) After completing the self-assessment, it is important to interpret the obtained score. While revealing the exact total score is not necessary, a brief interpretation of one’s score should be provided. This interpretation should assess whether the score accurately reflects one’s personal stress experiences. Additionally, we must analyze if a score around 190 is indicative of the average stress level among college students. Furthermore, we need to determine if a score reaching 300 is predictive of health problems within the next two years.

2) Based on the knowledge acquired from the course material, we will reflect on ways to reduce stress in our own lives to promote better health. It is crucial to apply the principles and techniques discussed in the lectures and textbook to develop effective stress management strategies. These strategies may encompass lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, time management, social support, and seeking professional help if necessary.

3) Lastly, we will delve into the diathesis-stress model. This model defines and explains the relationship between diathesis (predisposition) and stress in the development of certain disorders. We will detail the model’s definition to demonstrate an understanding of its core concepts. Additionally, we will elaborate on how this model clarifies why stress can be particularly harmful to certain individuals. This discussion will highlight the individual differences in vulnerability to stress and its potential impact on mental and physical health.

By addressing these questions, we aim to enhance our understanding of stress, its effects on health, and the strategies we can employ to mitigate its negative impact.

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