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Attached is a PowerPoint template already set up with the slides. This is a group project but I only need you to complete my part which I will list below.

Don’t forget to add pictures and references.

(This is to be completed under slide 5 & 6 only) 1.Differentiate between the facility equipment and technology used within a bariatric facility for your clinical stakeholders.

(This part should be completed on slide number 13.)

we are required to include images of bariatric facility components. I felt that this request would be better served in additional sections to this presentation. The reasoning behind this idea was the request the technology, equipment, and needs of a bariatric facility. Bariatric patients require specialized equipment due to their body habitus. The additional sections are as follows

Vitals and Telemetry Equipment (under slide 13

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In order to differentiate between the facility equipment and technology used within a bariatric facility for clinical stakeholders, we need to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by bariatric patients. Bariatric patients require specialized equipment and technology due to their unique body habitus. In this assignment, we will explore the different components of a bariatric facility, focusing on the vitals and telemetry equipment used for the care of these patients.


Vitals and Telemetry Equipment in a Bariatric Facility:

Within a bariatric facility, the vitals and telemetry equipment plays a crucial role in monitoring the health and well-being of bariatric patients. These patients often have multiple comorbidities and require close monitoring to ensure their safety and optimal outcomes.

1. Bariatric Scales: One of the essential vitals equipment in a bariatric facility is the bariatric scales. These scales are specifically designed to accommodate the increased weight and size of bariatric patients. They have a wider platform and higher weight capacity to accurately measure the weight of these patients. Additionally, these scales often have features such as handrails and non-slip surfaces to ensure the safety and stability of the patients during the weighing process.

2. Blood Pressure Monitors: Blood pressure monitoring is vital in assessing the cardiovascular health of bariatric patients. Bariatric-specific blood pressure cuffs are designed with a larger circumference to properly fit around the arm of the bariatric patient. Using an appropriately-sized cuff ensures accurate blood pressure readings and prevents discomfort or inaccurate measurements due to cuff size limitations.

3. Pulse Oximeters: Pulse oximeters are used to measure the oxygen saturation level in the blood. Bariatric patients may have respiratory issues or sleep apnea, which can impact their oxygen levels. Bariatric facility-grade pulse oximeters are designed to accommodate larger fingers or limbs, ensuring accurate readings in bariatric patients.

4. Telemetry Monitoring: Bariatric patients may require continuous cardiac monitoring due to their increased risk of cardiovascular events. Telemetry systems in bariatric facilities consist of wireless or wired monitors that continuously monitor the patient’s heart rate and rhythm. These systems allow healthcare providers to promptly detect any abnormalities and provide timely interventions. The telemetry equipment is designed to accommodate the larger body habitus of bariatric patients and provide accurate and reliable data.


In conclusion, the vitals and telemetry equipment used in a bariatric facility are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of bariatric patients. These specialized equipment and technology ensure accurate monitoring of vital signs and allow healthcare providers to make informed decisions regarding the care and treatment of bariatric patients. Proper utilization of this equipment is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of bariatric patients throughout their clinical journey.

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