University of North Alabama Strategic Plan Essay

Strategic Plan Assignment:

The class discussions and participation in class exercises will provide each person with considerable experience in developing a strategic plan. As the integrative assignment, you will be responsible for developing a strategic plan for a healthcare

You may develop the plan at the corporate, business unit, or functional level. As a general rule, corporate and business unit level plans work best. If you do not presently work for a healthcare organization, you may select a health care organization of your choosing or contact the instructor who will offer suggestions. In completing the strategic plan, you should include all step as outlined in and listed in the grading rubric. At a minimum the following components should be included:  

1. An analysis of the organization’s external environment and identification of key strategic issues facing the leadership. You should explain how the issues logically connect to the external environmental analysis. If you use an issue map, discuss each component and separate social/demographic and legislative/political issues.

2. A list of the organization’s key stakeholders and the relationship of each to the organization (why does each stakeholder have a stake in the organization?).

3. Using the value chain as your guide, list the organization’s primary resources, competencies, and capabilities. If you use the
value chain, discuss all functional areas of hospital as they relate to each element of the value chain. Assess each resource,
competency, and capability and identify those that are strategically relevant. This should include the internal environment analysis.

4. Assess your organization’s mission, vision, and values in accordance with the components in your textbook. Make and defend any suggestions you have for improving these directional strategies.

5. Based on your assessment of the situation (external, internal, mission, vision, values, SWOT), what strategic actions would you recommend to your organization? Be careful to defend your recommendations based on your situation analysis including measurement and implementation strategy for your recommendations.As part of your recommendation(s), what criteria did you use to select the recommendation(s)? You will need to use an analytical tool to help you in the recommendation(s) decision.

Your strategic plan should not be any longer than 25 pages including supporting tables, figures, etc. Therefore, freely use bullets, summaries, etc. Each plan should begin with a brief (no more than 2 page) Executive Summary that summarizes for key decision makers the recommendations you offer in the document (this is not counted in the 25 page limit). Please use APA format (this is the preferred format for research/scholarly documents). I have included information on APA format as attachments in the strategic plan module.

As aMBA student, you are seeking to advance your career and as such you will be called upon to make presentations to senior management and/or boards. Therefore, in addition to a written plan, you are to submit a video and a narrated power point of your strategic plan.

The video will be an introduction for your strategic plan. It should be 30 seconds to one minute in length. Present yourself as if you are in front of your Board of Directors. Then after the introduction present a narrated PowerPoint of your strategic plan. Combined the video and PowerPoint should be between 4 to 8 minutes in length. Please review the grading rubric for the strategic plan (which is in the strategic plan module). It is a good roadmap for completing your plan.

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University of North Alabama Strategic Plan Essay Nursing Assignment Help

In this assignment, you are tasked with developing a strategic plan for a healthcare organization. This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to enhance your skills in strategic planning, analysis, and decision-making. You will be required to analyze the organization’s external environment, identify key strategic issues, examine the organization’s stakeholders, assess its resources and capabilities, evaluate its mission, vision, and values, and recommend strategic actions based on the analysis conducted. Additionally, you will need to present your strategic plan in both a written and video format.


1. An analysis of the organization’s external environment and identification of key strategic issues facing the leadership:
For this component, you will need to conduct a thorough analysis of the healthcare organization’s external environment. This analysis should encompass the social, demographic, legislative, and political aspects that may impact the organization’s operations. Identify the key strategic issues that the organization is likely to face based on this analysis. Moreover, clearly explain the logical connections between these issues and the findings of the external environmental analysis. You may use tools such as issue maps to visually represent these connections.

2. A list of the organization’s key stakeholders and the relationship of each to the organization:
Identify and describe the key stakeholders of the healthcare organization. Stakeholders can include patients, healthcare providers, employees, government agencies, insurers, and other relevant parties. Explain why each stakeholder has a vested interest or stake in the organization. Consider how the actions and decisions of the organization may impact these stakeholders and the importance of maintaining positive relationships with them.

3. Using the value chain as your guide, list the organization’s primary resources, competencies, and capabilities:
Utilize the concept of the value chain to identify the primary resources, competencies, and capabilities of the healthcare organization. Examine all functional areas of the hospital, including administration, operations, finance, human resources, marketing, and information technology. Assess each resource, competency, and capability and determine their strategic relevance to the organization. This analysis will provide insights into the organization’s internal environment.

4. Assess your organization’s mission, vision, and values:
Evaluate the organization’s mission, vision, and values in light of the components outlined in your textbook. Critically analyze these directional strategies and propose any suggestions for improvement. Defend your recommendations by addressing how they align with the external and internal analysis conducted in earlier sections. Consider the organization’s long-term goals and how its mission, vision, and values reflect and support these objectives.

5. Based on your assessment, recommend strategic actions:
Drawing upon the information gathered from the external and internal analysis as well as the evaluation of the mission, vision, and values, develop strategic actions that you would recommend to the healthcare organization. Justify your recommendations by explicitly referencing the findings from your situation analysis. Identify the criteria you used to select these recommendations and employ an analytical tool or framework to aid in your decision-making process. Additionally, outline a measurement and implementation strategy for your recommendations to ensure their successful execution.

This strategic plan assignment provides an opportunity for you to apply your knowledge and skills in strategic planning within the healthcare context. By conducting a thorough analysis, evaluating key stakeholders, assessing the organization’s resources, and formulating strategic recommendations, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic decision-making process in healthcare. The inclusion of a written plan and a narrated video presentation will further enhance your communication and presentation abilities, which are crucial in professional settings.

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