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”As mentioned in chapter four, visual media can influence a person’s attitudes toward violence. Choose a violent movie or television show that you watched recently. What impact, if any, did it have on your feelings about violence? Did those feelings cause you to act out in any way ?

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The influence of visual media on attitudes towards violence is an important topic to explore within the context of our Health & Medical class. In this assignment, we will analyze the impact of a recently watched violent movie or television show on our feelings about violence, as well as any resulting behavioral changes. By reflecting upon our personal experiences, we can gain a deeper understanding of how visual media affects our outlook on violence and potentially inform future discussions on the subject.


The visual media content that I recently watched was a violent movie called “The Equalizer”. This action-packed film portrayed various forms of violence, such as physical confrontations, shootings, and intense fight sequences. As I immersed myself in the movie, I noticed a range of emotions elicited by the violent scenes.

Initially, I experienced a sense of excitement and thrill as the action unfolded on the screen. The well-choreographed fight scenes and the protagonist’s badass persona engendered a temporary feeling of exhilaration. However, as the movie progressed and the brutality of the violence increased, I began to feel uneasy and disturbed.

The explicit depiction of aggression and its consequences made me more aware of the real-life implications of violence. It highlighted the damage caused to individuals and societies, both physically and emotionally. Consequently, I started to feel a heightened sense of empathy towards victims of violence, and a growing desire to contribute towards efforts aimed at reducing violence in our society.

Regarding any behavioral changes, I did not act out in a violent manner after watching this movie. However, I did find myself engaging in discussions with friends and family about the movie’s themes and the impact of violence in the real world. These conversations allowed me to process my thoughts and emotions provoked by the movie, encouraging a more critical analysis of the portrayal of violence in visual media.

In conclusion, the violent movie “The Equalizer” had both immediate and long-term effects on my feelings about violence. While initially providing a thrill, it eventually instigated a sense of unease and a heightened empathy towards victims. Although I did not act out violently, it did prompt me to engage in meaningful discussions about violence with others. This reflection highlights the power of visual media in influencing our attitudes and perceptions regarding violence. As future healthcare professionals, it is essential to critically analyze these influences to better understand and address the impact of violence on individuals and society.

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