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Resource: book is lean in by Sheryl Sandberg 

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

Share an experience when you have failed forward in a collaborative project. Share an experience when you have not failed forward in a collaborative project. What would you have done differently? What learning from this experience can you implement immediately?


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Collaborative projects are an integral part of medical college education as they foster teamwork and enhance problem-solving skills. As a medical professor, I have witnessed numerous instances where students have both failed forward and not failed forward in collaborative projects. These experiences provide valuable insights into the learning process and allow students to grow both personally and professionally. In this response, I will share one example of each scenario and discuss the lessons learned from these experiences.

Example of failing forward in a collaborative project:

In one of my assignments, students were tasked with conducting research on a specific medical case and presenting their findings to the class. During this project, one group faced a setback when their primary data source turned out to be unreliable and inaccurate. However, instead of giving up, the group decided to regroup and find alternative sources of information. This setback provided them with the opportunity to re-evaluate their research methods and explore additional avenues for data collection. Ultimately, this led to a more comprehensive and well-rounded presentation, as they were able to incorporate diverse perspectives and sources.

Example of not failing forward in a collaborative project:

In another collaborative project, a group encountered difficulties in effectively dividing the workload among team members. As a result, some individuals became overwhelmed with their responsibilities, leading to inconsistent progress and reduced coordination. This lack of effective communication and distribution of tasks hampered the overall outcome of the project. Looking back, the group could have established clear roles and responsibilities from the very beginning, ensuring that each member had a fair share of the workload. By doing so, they could have fostered a more efficient and productive working environment.

Learning and implementation:

From the experience of failing forward, students learn the importance of adaptability and resilience in collaborative projects. Embracing setbacks as opportunities for growth and problem-solving allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. This experience also highlights the significance of collaboration and open communication among team members, as it helps in identifying alternative solutions and overcoming challenges.

From the experience of not failing forward, students understand the significance of effective team coordination and task delegation. By establishing clear roles and responsibilities, students can ensure a balanced workload distribution and maintain consistent progress throughout the project. Additionally, this experience emphasizes the importance of regular communication and feedback within the team to address any issues promptly.

These lessons can be implemented immediately in future collaborative projects. By encouraging students to reflect on their experiences and providing guidance on effective teamwork and problem-solving strategies, they can enhance their ability to succeed in collaborative endeavors in medical college and beyond.

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