For this post, you will focus on the utilizing the New York Nursing Assignment Help

For this post, you will focus on the utilizing the New York Times Disability Section to develop your understanding of Disability as a sociocultural identity. Through this link, the New York Times provides a variety of essays, art and opinion editorials exploring the lives of people living with disabilities, many written from Disabled individuals themselves. It is an extraordinary current resource! Please explore and find at least TWO essays that interest you. Provide the following in your post for each chosen essay:

  • The title of the essay
  • A summary of the essay
  • THREE things that you learned/furthered your thinking about disability as a result of the essay
  • Consider a few of the comments (from readers) at the bottom of each essay and discuss your thoughts on what others are saying/how they’re responding (if you’re not able to access comments, disregard this part)
  • How can you use this newfound knowledge to inform others about disability?
  • What is one question you would ask the author?

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