HU Health & Medical Clients Discovery of Negative Impacts Nursing Assignment Help

A discussion about one of the videos you watched, either for client Eddie, Ms. Clark, or Leann.  You will find a link for the videos within this week’s folder.  After viewing the video, answer the following questions on a new thread:

Name the Stage of Change for this client and if not in the Action Phase, how could you motivate this client to engage treatment?

Barsky (2006) says, “A client could be an individual, family, group, organization, or community,” (p. 117) and provides some guidelines for you to consider when making this determination.  Using these concepts of your reading, who would you define as the client?  Justify your answer with the readings/lecture and information in the video. (This reading is located in Module 3 if you want a refresher.)

As you envision this client, what resources would you use to develop an initial assessment? Who else would you want to reach out to for additional information, with client permission?

What strengths does this client (individual, family, group, organization, or community) possess that can be mobilized to gain help and healing?Ms. Clark case example: Watch this video of client Ms. Clark

Leann case example: Watch this video of client Leann 

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