NVCC Employee Engagement and HR Compliance Essay Nursing Assignment Help

Create one Word documents containing all parts of the assignment.

Format your document with one-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.

  • One page, double-spaced for each part.  
  • Instructions: Part 1

Engaged Employees

Meet Bill, a disengaged employee

1. How would you identify  engaged, non-engaged, and disengaged employees in your organization by their behaviors and actions?

2. What actions could you take to address the non-engaged and disengaged?  

Instructions: Part 2: Starting New HR Department

1. Read the following scenario:

A group of 10 doctors is forming a new medical group. The Practice Administrator has hired you as consultant to develop a functioning human resources department in sixty days.

  • 2. Identify and  describe the eight  key functional areas that you will develop starting from “scratch” in creating the human resources department. 

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