Assignment Overview The Diverse Workplace Cultural Intelligence (CQ) drives understanding across diverse

Assignment Overview

The Diverse Workplace

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) drives understanding across diverse backgrounds and enhances workplace inclusion. Diversity brings varied perspectives, but challenges may arise from misunderstandings and biases. Inclusion, propelled by CQ, ensures diverse talents are harnessed, fostering innovation and collaboration despite inherent workplace challenges.

Complete SLP 3 before Case 3

Case 3 Resources

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Global Parity Alliance: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lighthouses
 2023 (2023)  

How to Leverage Emotional, Social, and Cultural Intelligence to Enhance Professional Lives

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

To Sound Like a Culturally Intelligent Leader, Change How You Talk

Diversity: Necessary for readiness or the bogeyman?

Culturally intelligent teams: different values, same norms

Scholarly Readings:

Exploring the Relationship between Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Management Competencies (MC)

Inclusion in the Workplace: A Review and Research Agenda

Case Assignment

Cultural Intelligence 

Investigate how leaders can leverage CQ to manage diverse teams. Examine the relationship between CQ and leadership styles (1 ½ pages). Research required.

Diversity, Inclusion, and CQ

Explore the interplay between cultural intelligence with diversity and inclusion initiatives in businesses. How can organizations leverage CQ to make these initiatives more effective? (1 ½ pages). Research required.

Challenges in a Diverse Workplace

Analyze how the media portrays DEI initiatives and how this might influence employee perceptions and pushback (2 pages). Research required.

All research for this case should have been published within the last two years. 

No quotations are permitted in this paper. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to 


reference the sources in APA format
. NOTE: Failure to use research with accompanying 

 to support content will result in reduced scoring “Level 2-Developing” across the grading rubric. This is a professional paper; not a personal one based on feelings. The paper must be written in the third person. This means words like “I,” “we,” and “you” are not appropriate.

Assignment Expectations

Use the APA-formatted 

MGT501 Case 3 template
 to create your submission.

· The template is set up in APA 7: double-spacing, font, margins, headings, page breaks, APA help links.

Your submission will include:

· Trident University International’s cover page

· A paper with APA citations (2- to 3-sentence overview, 5-page body (plus examples), 2- to 3-sentence conclusion)

· The reference list page in APA format

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