I have some material that needs reviewFactors Affecting Globalization: a. Capital Flows b. Labor Flows c. Technology d. Transportation e.

I have some material that needs review

Factors Affecting Globalization:
a. Capital Flows
b. Labor Flows
c. Technology
d. Transportation
e. Communication
f. Specialization
g. Economic Growth
h. Income Inequality
i. Trade Agreement

Introduction: Of late, there has been a growing debate on
globalization. Those advocating in favor, argue that globalization
reduces cost of production that helps both developed and
developing countries to be more competitive, and in turn, achieve
higher economic growth and prosperity. This is done by minimizing
inefficiencies in the production systems, liberalizing international
trade, free flow of capital and labor as well as transfer of
technology. On the other hand, those who stand against, argue that globalization has brought more destruction than construction. As for
example, it has led to job losses particularly to national countries as
more multinational companies relocate to regions and/or countries
where they can benefit from lower labor-wages. They go on to say
that globalization has also paralyzed small local businesses as they
cannot stand competition from large multinational companies. For
developing countries, globalization has also posed a threat to the
agriculture sector as their markets often get flooded with produce
items from developed countries. The above figure is accompanied
by a number of factors affecting globalization.

Purpose: This assignment is designed to test the students’
understanding of the definition of globalization, fundamental
attributes of globalization and factors driving the process of
globalization and its current trends and possible responses to these
trends. In addition, the assignment is aimed at assessing the
degree to which students can effectively formulate and
communicate their arguments and influence decision-making.
Approach: Using the following questions below, write a no more
than 3-page essay in 12 point font size.
1. What does the term ‘globalization’ mean to you?
2. Select any two factors from the list above affecting globalization
and explain how they contribute to the process of globalization.
3. Describe some features of current trends of globalization and
possible responses to these trends.
Submission of the Assignment: Your essay must be well thought
out using complete and clearly meaningful sentences. At the end of
your answers, include a list of references.

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