SOWK 530Life Map PowerPoint Assignment Instructions For this assignment, you will need to create a 5-7 slide (

SOWK 530

Life Map PowerPoint Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will need to create a 5-7 slide (
minimum, not including the title slide and reference slide) PowerPoint presentation (PPT) for the assigned module. The PPT should highlight differences; i.e. specific things that you feel may have been unique to your experience, different or more significant than others, that have impacted you. Then consider what has gotten you through challenging times. Do you have a life motto, foundational scripture, family tradition etc. that informs your decision making and overall continued growth?
The title slide and References slide are not included in the 5-7 slides. Each slide should be inviting and include a small photo or graphic. Images can be located with a google or search. Personal images may be used. All images from the internet should be properly referenced at the bottom of the image and on the References slide.
Remember that PPT presentations do not contain paragraphs of information. Bulleted information is best practice. PPTs may be creative.

Life Map Power Point Presentation, Include the Following:

· Title slide

· Content Slide 1- Who are you (age, sex, marital status, children, pets, etc.) and how would you describe yourself?

· Content Slides 2-4 (approximately); should follow the Life Map and Paper content

· Consider your different and unique life experiences

· Specify key events and major turning points.

· Address 2 developmental theories, with citations, and provide examples to demonstrate application

· Content slide 5 (approximately)- What has gotten you through challenging times?

· References slide, a minimum of 4 citations and references are needed.

· Images should be cited

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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