Visualize the data with TableauCase Prompt:Pixystems recently hired a new CFO who is focused on improving the financial performance of Pixystems

Visualize the data with Tableau

Case Prompt:

Pixystems recently hired a new CFO who is focused on improving the financial performance of Pixystems and improving operational efficiency in AP, payroll, inventory, and sales. She has challenged each of the managers of these business processes to identify areas for improvement and quickly address errors. Internal audit has also been working closely with the CFO, managers, and external auditors to identify control gaps, areas of non-compliance, and operational efficiencies.

The CFO has also engaged you to review these business processes using Pixystems’ data and performing analytics. She would like you to make any necessary recommendations, identify data issues, and provide her and the managers with insights gained through your analytics. You will work to leverage the data provided by Pixystems (see the Data Overview above for a high-level explanation of data provided) and information obtained from the CFO to identify areas for financial and operational improvement, address issues and errors found in processing or data, and confirm the information that the CFO shared with you.

To do this you will be assigned one process and must create 3-5 analytics that will assess the validity of data and provide the insight the CFO is looking for. You may also conduct at least 2 additional analytics that will add additional insight or that you feel would be of interest to the CFO, managers, or auditors.

The CFO is expecting that you have Tableau visualizations representing the analytical procedures you performed and assumptions you made.

You will prepare a final report outlining the following:

Results of the analytics you performed along with your rationale for performing and assumptions made (control, data error, operational peformance, etc.)

Insight that the analytics provided management

Explanation of any analytics you decided not to perform (optional)

Recommendations you have for improving Pixystems’ processes

Overview of any other issues that Pixystems should follow-up on

Recommendations on system controls that could be put in place

Any other data you would like to have obtained from Pixystems

Report Requirements:

1. Prepare the final report (your slide presentation) and answer the questions / address the “asks” in the above

2. Include an executive summary

3. Include 5 analytics (3 which should have a Tableau visual)

4. 6-8 slides total.


3-Data-Analytics-Toy Case-Assignment.pdf

4-Data-Analytics-Toy Case-Data.xlsxDownload 4-Data-Analytics-Toy Case-Data.xlsx

5-Data-Analytics-Toy Case-Checkpoint-Spreadsheet.xlsx

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