Extra Credit Opportunity Due: 4/24/24Step 1: Find a Research Article on a Student Health Issue (Must be dated after

Extra Credit Opportunity Due: 4/24/24

Step 1: Find a Research Article on a
Student Health Issue (Must be dated after 2022)

The best place to find a reliable research article is in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal accessed from a research database or platform, such as ProQuest, OvidSP, or EBSCOhost. Check with your university library to see which platforms and databases your school has access to, and which ones are recommended for your subject area. Many types of research articles are published in scholarly journals, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods studies.

In general, research articles have the following characteristics: • report original, or primary, research • include distinct sections that reflect the stages of the research process, usually the following sections in the following order:

Research articles are typically dense with information. The following questions provide an organized way for you to break down the parts of the research article and understand its purpose, methods, findings, and implications. Use the following headings for your research.

· Introduction 1. What is the topic of the article?

· What is the study hypothesis (or hypotheses)?

· What tests or measures were collected (e.g., surveys, questionnaires)

· What are the main results or findings from the study?

· What are the main conclusions of the research?

· To whom do the results or findings apply? Can they be generalized to all people in all places, to certain subsets of people, or something else?

· What are the strengths and limitations of the study?

· What are the areas for further investigation on this topic?

· Include the Research Article title, location, and citation.

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