Instructions attachedOverview: For this assignment, you will prepare a written essay or a slide presentation focused on

Instructions attached


For this assignment, you will prepare a written essay or a slide presentation focused on e-commerce and e-business. Please follow the instructions below and prepare your assignment, and be sure to follow APA guidelines. 

For more guidance about APA formatting, please visit the 
APA Resources folder in the 
Student Resources course menu tab.


In Module 1, we learned about e-commerce and e-business. In our discussion this week, you explained the role of e-commerce in a digital economy. For this assignment, you will prepare either a written essay or a slide presentation that addresses the following:

1. Explain the primary concepts of e-commerce and e-business. 

2. Define the major types of e-commerce.

3. Identify types of e-commerce that do not involve the selling of physical products or services.

4. Written essays should be 300-500 words.

· Include in-text citations of the author’s last name, year published, and page number, including when you cite your online resources (text). This adds strength and validity to your opinions, avoids plagiarism, and facilitates the demonstration of having read the assignment. 

· Use your text and outside sources. Do not submit unsubstantiated opinions, hearsay, or conjecture.

· Provide substantive, thorough responses to each part of the prompt.

5. Presentations should include an adequate number of slides to thoroughly respond to the assignment.

· Use the last slide as a “reference” slide to include your resources.

· Use citations on individual slides by putting the resource(s) in small print at the bottom of the slide.

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