Homework Please See Attachment.Copyright © Edgenuity Inc.Multimedia PresentationStudent GuideAssignment SummaryFor this assignment, you

Homework Please See Attachment.

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Multimedia Presentation

Student Guide

Assignment Summary

For this assignment, you will create a multimedia presentation about fast food. To do this, first you will
create a research plan that includes an initial research question. Then you will conduct the iterative
research process, which may include refining your research question and/or creating secondary
questions based on the information you discover. After you have completed your multimedia presentation,
you will answer five questions to reflect on the process and describe your experience.

Background Information

Fast food plays a major role in different aspects of our society. Choose an aspect of fast food in America
that interests you to maximize your engagement in the project. Some sample ideas include:

 Marketing trends

 Role in pop culture

 Impact on the economy

 Impact on health and well-being

 Impact on different groups of people


 Computer and internet access

 Presentation software

 Access to research materials

 Note cards

Assignment Instructions

For this project, you are expected to submit three things:

1. A research plan

2. Multimedia presentation

3. Completed reflection questions

Step 1: Prepare for the project.

a) Read through the guide before you begin so you know the expectations for this project.
b) If there is anything that is not clear to you, be sure to ask your teacher.

Step 2: Complete the research plan.

a) Fill out the Research Plan section of this document.

b) First, write a research question. Make sure that it is open-ended and not narrow or too broad.

c) Then, plan your research by completing items 2–4 in the Research Plan section.

Step 3: Conduct research.


Student Guide (continued)

Copyright © Edgenuity Inc.

a) Gather information from sources. Remember to only use relevant, credible, and timely resources.
Revisit the lesson if you want a reminder of how to evaluate sources.

 Here are some suggestions to help you begin the research process for your multimedia
presentation. They include articles and information provided by government agencies,
health organizations, and a cable news network. As you search for additional sources,
make sure they are credible and unbiased.




b) Use note cards to record information, including details to include on your Works Cited slide.

Step 4: Revise your research plan.

a) Revisit your research plan.

b) Complete item 5 and revise your research question as needed. Add secondary research
questions to help complete your research.

Step 5: Create a multimedia presentation.

a) Create your presentation on the computer using presentation software.

b) Create an organized presentation that follows this structure: an introduction that includes the
research question, several slides that synthesize and present the findings from your research, a
conclusion the summarizes your findings, and a Works Cited slide.

c) Make sure you use a proper balance of text and graphics appropriately and effectively.

d) Ensure that your presentation is neat, easy to follow, and visually appealing.

e) Include media, such as images, video, or audio.

Step 6: Complete the reflection questions.

a) Once you have completed your multimedia presentation, answer the Reflect questions about your
research process. These questions can be found at the end of this document.

Step 7: Evaluate your project using this checklist.

If you can check each box below, you are ready to submit your project.

Did you complete the research plan?

Did you revisit the research plan to revise your research question and/or create secondary

Does your multimedia presentation include your research question?


Student Guide (continued)

Copyright © Edgenuity Inc.

Does your presentation include a balance of text and multimedia elements?

Does your presentation include a conclusion?

Did you include a Works Cited slide?

Did you complete the reflection questions?

Step 8: Revise and submit your project.

a) If you were unable to check off all of the requirements on the checklist, go back and make
sure that your project is complete. Save your project before submitting it.

b) Turn in your research plan and reflection questions to your teacher. Be sure that your name is
on the document.

c) Submit your multimedia presentation through the virtual classroom.
d) Congratulations! You have completed your project.


Student Guide (continued)

Copyright © Edgenuity Inc.

Research Plan

Complete each section of the research plan. Complete items 1–4 before starting your research. Then
complete item 5 after you have completed some research.

1. Write an initial research question.

2. Describe where you will look for sources.

3. Create a timeline for collecting sources.

4. Describe what you will do when facing roadblocks.

5. Write revised research questions or secondary questions in the space below.


Student Guide (continued)

Copyright © Edgenuity Inc.

Reflection Questions

After you have completed your multimedia presentation, write a short answer to each question.

1. During the process, did you revise your initial research question? Explain why or why not.

2. As you researched, what were some of the challenges you encountered?

3. How did you work through those challenges?

4. Describe how you synthesized information from multiple sources.

5. Which multimedia elements did you use in your presentation?

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